Current Issues and Trends in Health Care Research Paper

Current Issues and Trends in Health Care
Research paper that delves into the detail of current health care trends and issues, including the aging population and other demographics, managed care, the uninsured, standard of care, consumer education, and medical licensing.
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Published on May 09, 2010 in Medical and Health (Public Health Issues)

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This research paper offers extensive information and analysis of current health care trends and issues. The paper delves into how and why these issues impact individuals and businesses. The paper also provides supportive explanations and advice for consumers who seek to navigate the complex health care trends and changes. The medical industry is also discussed, including the causes and effects of litigation. The paper concludes with information regarding the future of health care, in a question and answer format.

1. Rising cost of healthcare
A. How health care costs impact families and employers.
B. Why health care costs are growing faster than the economy overall.
C. What can be done to address rising costs.
2. Health Care quality
A. Talking with your doctor
B. Choosing quality health care
3. Access to care for the underinsured
A. Why people are underinsured
B. The uninsured impact on health care policy
C. Pre-Existing Conditions and unattainable health coverage
4. Aging of America
A. Demographics
B. Clinical Preventive Services for the aging
5. Informed consumers
A. Read up on how to be an informed consumer
B. Being an informed consumer helps you know the risks
6. Managed care
A. Understanding what managed health care is
B. Understanding the major types of managed care plans
7. Healthcare as a profession
A. Occupations in the industry
B. There are many places of employment for healthcare professions
C. A call to action
8. Professional standard of care
A. Healthcare Quality Professionals promote the dignity of the profession and are committed
B. Standards of Practice for Healthcare Quality Professionals
9. Litigious society
A. Medical Licensing
B. Our Litigious Society
C. Medical specialties such as OB/GYN's are dwindling in numbers
10. Changing technology
A. Technology is very helpful
B. New health care technology's promise to save money and improve service

From the Paper:

"Access to proper medical health care for those underinsured can be very difficult. When a person is underinsured, this does not necessarily mean that they have no medical health coverage at all, it means that they have lack of financial protection they need to cover out-of-pocket medical care expenses. When looking at an underinsured person, the following are what categorized them as underinsured: (1) their medical expenses are more then 10% of their annual income, (2) their annual income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level and medical expenses are greater than 5% of their income, (3) their health care plan deductibles are equal or greater than 5% of their income. In the U.S. more than 16 million people (ages 19-64) were underinsured in the year 2003 (AAOS, 2008)."

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