Convergence Divergence Research Paper by Nicky

This paper discusses convergence and divergence in many areas of the global economy.
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In this article, the writer discusses the three varied economic views on globalization as they represent the core of the debate regarding globalization, as each camp stresses its take on the negative and or positive outcomes of the increasingly globalized economy. Convergence and divergence in many areas of the global economy are discussed. There is no question that the international economy is in transition, as global economy has become a dominant force in trade and business change. Convergence is yet to be seen in many areas of the market and the most lacking area is income convergence. The writer concludes that it is important to recognize the need for balance, as opening new markets can bring changes that are undesired and must be kept in check.

Table of Contents:
Labor Divergence/Convergence
Agriculture Divergence/Convergence
Voice Divergence/Convergence
Economic and Democratic Divergence/Convergence
Consumerism Divergence/Convergence
Import/Export Divergence/Convergence

From the Paper:

"Within the rhetoric of globalization and the economic theory surrounding it is a sense that many experts believe and espouse that income convergence is a logical outcome of globalized markets. In other words that income disparities on and individual and national level will begin to converge, along with the development of convergence of economies in a more general sense, leaving an international economic system where most nations and individuals share in the positive economic impact of increased trade between nations. Yet, many other experts contest that globalization is not creating convergence but is instead creating divergence, or greater disparities between developed and least developed nations and therefore the peoples who reside within them. It is likely that the moderate economist would be able to find examples in the current global market where both are taking place, while those who believe in the early positive predictions of convergence stress that any divergence seen currently is simply a necessary but temporary evil. While those who observe divergence stress that there is simply no incentive for those who have to begin to share profits with those who have not and that the situation will likely get worse, with regard to income and voice divergence."

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