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Controlling Urban Congestion
This paper provides an analysis of data from London, Stockholm, and New York City in order to discuss variable pricing as a means for controlling urban congestion.
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In this article, the writer notes that roadway congestion is a significant problem for nations with an active motorist population, especially in urban areas. The writer points out that traditional efforts to combat congestion have typically focused on increasing capacity through increases in roadway infrastructure. The writer then claims that research has shown, however, that these methods are ultimately ineffective for controlling congestion and its associated ills. Economists have long seen the value in associating usage costs with roadways in order to control congestion and encourage more efficient resource use. The writer relates that with technology finally catching up to this ideal, roadway-pricing schemes are becoming more popular in cities throughout the world. The writer concludes that a consideration of the pros and cons of pricing strategies implemented in London and Stockholm, and proposed in New York City, reveals that while there is still significant political and public resistance, the strategies are effective at achieving their stated goals.

The Myriad Negative Effects of Persistent Congestion
Why Congestion Continues Despite Increased Expenditures on Highway Infrastructure
Variable Congestion Pricing as a Viable Solution
Schemes to Alleviate the Problem of Urban Congestion
London: a System at Work
Stockholm: a Seven-Month Experiment Ready for Implementation
New York City: Public and Political Resistance
Schemes for Controlling Roadway Congestion
Analysis of the Costs and Benefits

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