Controlling Organized Crime Research Paper by JCowie024

Controlling Organized Crime
This paper discusses the amount of time and resources it takes to battle organized crime.
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In this article, the writer discusses that the costs of fighting organized crime places a heavy burden on law enforcement resources. The writer notes that these costs include financial costs as well as costs in man hours and the law enforcement officer's time spent away from his/her family. The writer points out that organized crime began in Sicily in the 9th century and it has grown significantly since then and still is predominant in today's society. Further, the writer discusses that there are many law enforcement factions involved in battling organized crime, including the FBI and to the secret service.

Costs of Organized Crime on Law Enforcement Resources
Controlling Organized Crime

From the Paper:

"Agents are eligible to retire after only just serving for 20 years. Therefore, not only does it cost to train new agents, but the government still maintains the pension of the retired agent plus free medical care. The fight against organized crime is costly in other ways, not just financial payrolls. There is the cost of an agent going undercover or deep undercover. In an undercover role, most investigations are a minimum of a 6 month assignment in order to make a solid case. This can be an extreme burden amongst those agents who have families. The undercover assignment of FBI Special Agent Joe Pistone who is credited with being able to penetrate deeply into the Bonnano crime family lasted approximately 6 years. It almost cost him his family because of the nature of the undercover assignment. Pistone was only able to maintain minimal contact with his family during this time because of how deep his cover went. He had to lead the life of a mobster. Since he now has a bounty on his head from the Mafia, he lives his life in the witness protection program. This can be an additional burden on a family because of constant moving and being unable to maintain contact with other family members. Pistone and his family most likely will have to live in the program for the rest of their lives due to the nature of how his investigation went."

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