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Concert Diplomacy Throughout the Eastern Question
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This paper examines the strengths and weaknesses of the Concert of Europe in dealing with the Eastern Question. Throughout the Eastern Question, which regards the fate of the Ottoman Empire, Concert diplomacy was used to solve the various crises that arose. The paper describes and analyzes three of these crises, the Syrian Crisis, the Crimean War, and the Balkan Wars.

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"With the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815, a system of diplomacy, known as the Concert of Europe, was established between the great powers of the time. This union held underlying norms and regulations that directed the Powers foreign policy for the decades that followed. Although initially developed to deal with European matters, the Concert was faced with dilemmas and crises concerning the interests of the great powers outside of Europe as well. This was particularly true with regards to the "Eastern Question" which was becoming more and more of a heightened issue as the nineteenth century progressed. As J.A.R. Marriott wrote: "European statesmen have persistently sought to "isolate" the politics of the Near East. They have almost consistently failed" (1963: 10). The issues concerning the Ottoman Empire quickly became relevant international issues that stood before the Concert of Europe. The treatment of these issues by the great powers reflects both the strengths and the weaknesses of the European Concert system. The various crises concerning the fate of the Ottoman Empire will be analyzed in order to show the effectiveness of the Concert system to deal with the Eastern Question up to the Crimean War, and its gradual decline and weaknesses until it's disintegration in World War I."

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