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Common Object Request Broker Architecture
A discussion regarding the use of Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA).
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This paper discusses the use of Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and the reasons why many are still reluctant to use this tool. The paper concludes by saying that CORBA must go through a creation life cycle and stresses the importance of correct preparation if it is to do the job that it is designed for when it comes to client servers.

From the Paper:

"Hard drives are not all that is being dealt with, however. Large corporations and others that are involved in the computer industry are sitting on a proverbial gold mine, but only if they do things the right way. Even though computers and computer-related gear are extremely popular right now a company can end up out of favor with the public if they market a product incorrectly, do something that consumers find offensive, or have a poor strategy of where they want to go with their products and services. Because of the potential for numerous pitfalls, corporate management needs to be aware of what should be done to protect their companies from trouble. Leadership, differentiation, and strategy are vitally important, as is the identification of not only opportunities for growth but threats to growth and productivity as well.
Barriers to growth in an industry need to be examined before a product or service is marketed to the public. People need to know what a corporation can offer them, and the corporation does not want to make promises that it can not keep by saying something too soon and realizing later that there was more involved then was first suspected. "

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