College Students and Alcohol Use Research Paper by Nicky

College Students and Alcohol Use
A study of college age drinking and its consequences.
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Published on Nov 03, 2011 in Education (Higher) , Psychology (Alcohol and Drugs)

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This paper presents an in-depth research study about various aspects of college age drinking, including its causes and consequences. The study considers drinking in global terms, comparing the consumption in different countries and continents. Additionally, the paper gives a profile of students most likely to indulge in excessive alcohol use. Various other factors involving alcohol use deterrence were addressed in the paper, with particular emphasis on protective behavioral strategies. The paper also examine the problem of binge drinking and how to counsel heavy drinkers that are college age. From alcohol use the paper then segues into a discussion of prescription drug abuse among college students. Finally, the paper concludes with a brief look at tobacco use.


International Perspective
Why College Students Drink
College Students' Knowledge of Alcohol and Drinking
Deliberate Use of Alcohol among College Students
Environmental Policies
School Leaders Drink More
The Effect of Protective Behavioral Strategies on Alcohol Use
College Student Binge Drinking
Under-aged Drinkers
Counseling Heavy Drinkers
Effects of Heavy Episodic Drinking
Illicit Use of Prescription Stimulants
Non-Medical Use of Prescription Stimulants
Tobacco Use

From the Paper:

' Existing empirical data reveal that many college students drink and that drinking is part of college life (Black, Ausherman, Kandakai, Lam & Jurjevic, 2004). A recent study looked into the drinking patterns and problems of 1,296 university students, how well they knew about alcohol and its effects and the difference in the knowledge between urban, non-residential university students and traditional university students. Findings disclosed that knowledge about alcohol and drinking was generally low in both groups. The knowledge level was lower among urban, non-residential college students than among traditional college students. Factors in the difference consisted of age and employment status. Older students and those employed knew more about alcohol than those who were not employed, whether full-time or part-time. The findings compared with those of earlier studies, which pointed to gender, age and race as factors. These studies consistently showed that male, older and Caucasian college students knew more about alcohol and drinking than female, younger and non-Caucasian college students. Female and younger college students and people of color tend to drink at a later time than male, older and Caucasian college students. This delay in experience influenced that knowledge about alcohol and drinking. Other factors included cultural and societal prejudices by young, female and ethnic or religious people."

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