Cocaine: Use and Abuse Research Paper by capital writers

Cocaine: Use and Abuse
An insight into the signs, symptoms and treatment of cocaine addiction.
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Published on Jul 14, 2003 in Medical and Health (Drugs) , Psychology (Alcohol and Drugs)

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This paper discusses the problem of cocaine abuse. Cocaine is a highly potent and addictive stimulant drug obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. It looks at how cocaine abuse and addiction constitute deviant behavior that has widespread repercussions on both the individual and on other members of society. It shows how although most people addicted to cocaine are aware of the ill effects of long-term usage, certain societal causes such as labeling do play a part.

How Cocaine is Used
How Cocaine Abuse has Become Entrenched in our Ideas of Social Deviance
An Essentialist and Constructionist View of Cocaine Abuse
Etiology of Cocaine Addiction
Signs and Symptoms of the Condition
How Cocaine Use and Abuse Impacts Society
Future Implications for Cocaine Abuse and Impact on Society
Theories that Explain the Causes of Cocaine Abuse

From the Paper:

"In addition to smoking, inhalation and injection, cocaine can also be absorbed through the skin if it is rubbed on mucous tissues, and it can also be consumed by chewing the leaf of the coca plant. Once it enters the body through any of these alternate routes, cocaine passes readily into the brain. Cocaine is known to increase levels of the brain chemical dopamine. It causes a buildup of dopamine in the brain, and the high levels of dopamine continuously stimulate nerve cells, causing the euphoria, which the individual can experience within a few seconds of having consumed the drug. Prolonged use of the drug may however reduce dopamine levels, making it harder for abusers to experience positive feelings. The euphoric state thus induced usually lasts for 3 to 5 minutes when crack cocaine is used, but can be made to go on up to 30 to 60 minutes by snorting or injecting the drug. Thenceforth, the user begins to experience intense craving for the drug."

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