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Christian Ethics
This paper discusses three Christian moral issues and their related ethics: Euthanasia, abortion and the saving a child's life by producing a healthy baby in order to assist a dieing older sibling.
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This paper stresses that it is impossible to determine precisely what Christian ethics or morals are on any given issue without a plausible definition of what constitutes a Christian. The author points out that, from this review of the history of Christianity, the religion is practiced in varying formats and with various degrees of adherence to the moral and ethical dictates of the religion; furthermore, one observes that more than likely the "root-cause" for failures to adhere to Christian morals and ethics is a product of the slow-paced evolution of the Christian religion. The paper relates that, as an example of these other ethical issues, most scholars from both sides of the abortion issue feel that the resolution will come in the form of pre-natal research and development because advancements made within this science have already dropped the abortion rates appreciably nationwide.

Table of Contents
Thesis Statement
Why Christianity is in Turmoil
An Important Turning Point in Establishment
The Bible and the Establishment of Morals and Ethics
The Christian Ethics of Euthanasia
A Brave New Set of Ethics

From the Paper:

"The Christian ethic concerning physician-assisted suicide is of course spelled out within the "Ten Commandments," of the Old Testament. Quite simply, "Thou shall not kill." On the other hand, down through the decades since the inventions of or development of "pain-relieving," drugs, physicians have been quietly going about the process of Euthanasia where there is no hope for continued productive life - usually labeled "end-stage relief," and their work although secretive in nature has not conjured much debate until the past two decades. Indeed, with the passage of a new "politically correct," law in the Netherlands recently the ethical reaction into the nature of this act has been minimal at best with discussions cropping up from time to time brought on primarily by the Religious Right. For example, the Reverend Billie Graham is one, along with his son Franklin that is quite out-spoken on the issue."

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