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Cholesterol Reduction is Important to Your Health
A thorough look at the growing health problem of high-cholesterol among individuals and what can be done to address this threat to our health.
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This paper reviews medical literature to explain what LDL is and why doctors believe high LDL cholesterol can lead to coronary heart disease. The paper begins by explaining what high cholesterol is and how it is diagnosed and then takes a look at how it can be prevented and treated. The paper describes the various approaches to treating the problem of high cholesterol and points out that there are a number of alternatives to treating the problem other than using Statins, which have deleterious effects.

Table of Contents
What is Cholesterol?
Prevention vs. Treatment

From the Paper:

"If we watch regular television programming on any consistent basis, eventually we will hear about the benefits of Lipitor or Pravachol for reducing our cholesterol. The advertisements are interesting because on one hand they show either a very physically fit, slim and attractive middle age man or woman who is the object of great admiration. However, the ads inform us that these individuals also have what could be dangerously high cholesterol. They demonstrate how deceptive the models' perfect physicality is by having these poised models either belly flop into a pool or fall on their face in the middle of a Hollywood premier. With these displays of physical frailty, the advertisers tell us no "body" is perfect and that if the models used the advertiser's medicine their health could be perfect. The sequence closes with the words millions of people have high cholesterol and do not know it. To protect themselves legally, the advertiser has an announcer speaking at a rate of over 200 words a minute then explains all the negative side-effects of the medication at the end of the commercial."

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