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China's Three Gorges Dam Project
This paper discusses China's Three Gorges Dam Project (TGDP), projected to become the worlds largest dam, nearly four times larger than the Hoover Dam.
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This paper explains that the Three Gorges Dam Project is located at Sandouping, along the Yangtze River in the Three Gorges, which is one of the world's most famous scenic sites and includes the dam, which is composed of the spillway, intake dam and non-overflow dams, two power plants and the navigation facilities, which includes a ship lock and a ship lift. The author points out that there are many issues involved including the sensitivity of the huge numbers involved in the reservoir displacement and the impact of such a large population movement on the economy and society. The paper relates that, despite the monetary risks concerned in investing in the dam, the structure is an economic "showpiece" that invites outsiders to establish speedily vital business networks, which paves the way for future dealings such as with The Caterpillar Company.

Table of Contents
Local Land Owners Bottoms Up Approach
The Quality of Resettlement Land
The Particular Problem of Steep, Infertile Slopes
Outward Look
Government Policies: Upward Look
Historical Perspective: A Backwards Look
Expected Returns and Drawbacks

From the Paper:

"Additionally, the dam's supporters expect the 26 giant generators to account for close to a tenth of China's energy output. The hydropower is stance as a more efficient and cleaner source of energy than the sulfur-laden coal that is at present used in the area. Some engineers estimate that the dam will annually generate an amount of energy equivalent to the burning of forty million tons of coal. Thus, if successful, the dam's energy output will be environmentally beneficial over the current release of destructive sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide gas emissions. This cleaner supply of energy will be accessible within a 1,000 kilometer radius of the dam, as far as Shanghai and Guangzhou."

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