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China's Population Problems
This paper discusses several of China's problems brought about by its drastic increase in population in the last 300 years and its attempt to control this growth.
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This paper explains that one of the biggest problems resulting from China's huge population is a shortage of food and water, which is blamed partly on the country's geography--only one-tenth of the land--most of it a 1,000 mile-wide strip along the eastern and southern coasts--is cultivable--and water scarcity from an extensive diversion of irrigation water to non-farm uses. The author points out that indoor air pollution, mainly from coal and other organic fuels used for cooking, acid rain, water pollution, extensive air pollutant, an acute housing shortage, destruction of forest resources and inadequate sanitation are problems, which are created and acerbated by China's overpopulation. The paper questions the ethicacy of China's attempt to control its problems by state advocated birth control, which includes an infamous one-child policy in which women with two or more children, but not men, still almost always are sterilized.

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"In contrast, city families live in small apartments above the stores or behind workshops. These people have the same kinds of stoves as rural families, and many older buildings have electricity and plumbing. However, most families who live in these buildings must share sinks, washbasins, and toilets with many others. Finally, many boatmen, fishermen, and dockworkers live on boats. Every harbor and riverfront in China is jammed with barges and other small craft that serve as homes for entire families. Also, China's forest resources are rapidly dwindling due to over-exploitation of land resources, which is a direct result of overpopulation. The situation will surely worsen if this trend is not reversed, and the ultimate result will be a decline of basic living conditions in these areas."

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