Childhood Obesity Epidemic Research Paper by Lifeforce

Childhood Obesity Epidemic
A review of childhood obesity with recommendations for how to address the problem.
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This paper relates that childhood obesity in the US is increasing at alarming rates and comments that school programs that address this problem with cultural competency, are necessary. The paper recommends that medical personnel need mandatory training to counsel obese patients and congressional bills should be revisited and new laws passed regarding strict controls on advertising that market high-calorie, low-nutrition food to young people.

Dimensions of Health
Public Health Policy Implications

From the Paper:

"In the school environment there has been an upsurge in outcomes-based testing and strict academic focus alongside a decrease in extracurricular (physical) activities. According to the National Children and Youth Fitness Study (NCYFS), less than 36% of the public schools have a daily physical activity program and approximately half of our children are sedentary"(Davis, Roberts, Smith, Ormond, Pfohl, & Bowling, 1994). The number of hours a child spends in front of the television is problematic as more than 2 hours of TV viewing has been associated with sedentary behavior, overweight and obesity."

Sample of Sources Used:

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