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Child Development
An overview of the psychology of child development from birth to the teenage years.
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This paper discusses how our knowledge of developmental psychology helps us to understand the processes through which children pass side- by-side with the various experiences they encounter as they grow and develop. By looking at the different stages, it examines how such systematic moulding of human behaviours help to make our society better and the societal environment a better place for us to live.

The Beginning of Human Life and Development
Pre - Natal Development
Hazards of Pregnancy
Delivery Hazards of Women
Components of Human Development
Principles of Human Development
Heredity and Environment
The Concept of Environmental Stimulation
Child Language Development
The Cognitive Development of the Child
Moral Development of the Child
Physical Development of the Child
Psychological and Maturational Theories of Human Growth and Development
Critical Appraisal of Piagetian Theory of Human Growth and Development
Erik Erikson's Psychological Development

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"Sperms and egg cells have the ability to combine in a process different from that of other cells. When the sperms and egg cells combine, they are referred to as germ cells. They are called germ cells because they look like germinating seeds. For germ cells to be able to produce a new human organism or being, they must pass through a developmental process called maturation. Before maturation of the egg cells takes place, each sperm and egg contain normally, 23 pairs of chromosomes. The fusion of one sperm and one egg will produce a cell - the egg cell. This germ cell begins to develop and in the process experiences a kind of cell division called meiosis which means reduction division. This is because in the process of cell division, the number of chromosomes is reduced. In the case of case of mitosis, the cell division involves increase in and multiplication of cells."

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