Child Abuse and Adult Criminal Behavior Research Paper by Champ

Child Abuse and Adult Criminal Behavior
This paper discusses the relationship between child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency and adult violent criminal behavior.
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The focus of this research review is the relationship that exists between child abuse and neglect and juvenile delinquency and adult violence or criminality. This work reviews relevant, reliable, and peer-reviewed literature in this subject area and states findings about prevention methods that target early identification and intervention of those who are predisposed to juvenile or adult violence or criminality due to childhood abuse. The review of literature reveals that a community-based effort that is collaborative in nature and that integrates the many levels of the community into a dynamic process of intervention and prevention is one most likely to succeed. Recommendations of this study include the recommendation that further and deeper research effort be applied toward the establishment of a knowledge base that has the potential to contribute to development of appropriate treatment and interventions. This work makes recommendations for a restructuring of the community-based service provisions for families with domestic violence and child abuse issues. This program implementation would be on a community-wide basis with the central heart of the operation being a community transition and transformation services home center that worked in a close and collaborative relationship with all other service agencies in the community in bringing about a community-based transformation in the lives of families and individuals throughout the community.

Significance of the Study
Literature Review
Summary of the Literature Reviewed
Findings of the Study
Recommendations for Future Research

From the Paper:

"The woman who has been beaten may withdraw from the family, which often results in child neglect, and the stress associated with domestic violence may cause women who are at risk for violence to resort to violence. It is also held by researchers that some abused women, in an effort to protect them from the batterer punish the children too harshly. Children who have not experienced physical abuse may still become traumatized over having witnessed domestic violence. Furthermore, children often imitate the behavior they observe and victimize other children while alternatively they may adopt the role of the victim and become withdrawn. Finally the child witnessing domestic abuse or being abused, neglected or victimized may developmentally fail to acquire the ability to control their temper or expression themselves emotionally."

Sample of Sources Used:

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