Changing Role of Women in Early 20th Century America Research Paper by Abbie

Changing Role of Women in Early 20th Century America
This paper chronicles the evolution of women rights during the 1920s.
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Published on Aug 01, 2013 in History (U.S. 1900-1930) , Women Studies (Women and Society)

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The paper explores the changing role and growing liberation experienced by American women during the Progressive Era. The paper describes the push for female suffrage and equality and the increase in educational opportunities, the reduced emphasis on marriage and the pursuing of unprecedented careers. The paper discusses how the outbreak of the First World War brought about a severe upheaval in the flourishing Suffragist Movement, but it simultaneously enabled the average women with the introduction of females to labor intensive "men's work". The paper then explains that the Feminist Movement of the 1920s was extinguished as a result of several of the decade's external forces, including the Red Scare and the decline in the number of male and female voters. The paper includes an annotated bibliography.

From the Paper:

"The 1920's was a decade defined by wide-scale technological and cultural innovation, this evolution was particularly discernible in the changing role and growing liberation experienced by American women. Inspired by progressive ideals, women became increasingly active in the world of politics while significant alterations occurred in regards to the female's sexual identity, educational opportunities, and acceptance into the workforce. Through the denial of previous generations' Victorian norms and emphasis on domesticity, this era proved to be a critical juncture in establishing the identity of the modern women.
"The groundbreaking progressive thought popularized at the turn of the century in addition to the ongoing social and cultural developments of the 1920s created a climate susceptible to a radical shift in gender roles. The early 20th century was an era of business expansion and liberal reform in the United States. The federal government attempted to make large industries more responsible and restrict their political influence through assorted regulations. Supporters of this movement, known as Progressives worked to clean up corrupt city governments, to improve safety standards in factories, and to better living conditions for those who resided in slum areas(Bingham, 2011, p. 8)."

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