Buddhism in the Modern World Research Paper

Buddhism in the Modern World
An in-depth comparison of Buddhism and the modern world, and a portrayal of a world with Buddhism as the dominant religion.
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Published on Apr 14, 2015 in Religion and Theology (General) , Ethnic Studies (General) , English (General)

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Looking at one of the eastern worlds most practiced religions, Buddhism, and how it compares to the modern world, how the world would be if Buddhism became the dominant religion, and examples of how Buddhist practices may bring peace to our bustling society.

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"Buddhism is a religion practiced mainly in eastern European or Asian cultures, but recently more and more of the 350 million followers of Buddhism are westerners. Founded by Buddha Shakyamuni over two thousand years ago, Buddhism is a growing religion because of its availability to such a diverse audience. The website Aboutbuddhism.org touches on the welcoming nature of Buddhism, "The methods work for anyone, in any country, at any age" (aboutbuddhism). The teachings of Buddha are not strict or judgmental, but solely about finding peace within your mind.Buddha's teachings and path ultimately lead to enlightenment, which means fully seeing the truths of reality in a positive light. Buddha believed that all problems resulted from negative thoughts, so he developed his teachings to help his followers overcome negativity and reach a mindset of positivity for lasting peace and happiness. The teachings ofBuddhainclude the Noble Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths, and the Three Fold Way. The website Thebuddhistcentre.com reveals an insight to the methods behind Buddha's teachings, "It teaches practical methods which enable people to realize and use its teachings in order to transform their experience, to be fully responsible for their lives" (thebuddhistcentre). Is it possible for Buddhists to live a life of peace and serenity amongst the complexities and challenges of modern society?
"Once Buddha had reached enlightenment, he had a vision of the human race as "a bed of lotus flowers" (thebuddhistcentre). Buddha noticed that not all the flowers were in bloom, but some were still under the mud, some were just popping up from the mud, and some were reaching bloom. This vision helped him recognize that everyone has the ability to reach their full potential, but some need that extra push or more guidance to do so. This vision is what inspired Buddha to take his knowledge and teach it to all the people who have the potential to be enlightened, so he spent the rest of his time helping his followers bloom."

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