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An examination of the religion of Buddhism.
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Published on Dec 25, 2006 in Religion and Theology (Buddhism)

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The paper analyzes how Buddhism is both a religion and a philosophy. The paper discusses how Buddhism, one of the major world religions with 376 million followers worldwide, began in India and spread, via Asia, through the rest of the world. The paper analyzes how Buddhism, the only major religion that is not based on the existence of God, is a shramana, or wandering monk, religion. The paper examines the two branches of Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism, which are differentiated based on their belief in the Pali suttas scriptures.
The paper includes an interview with a practicing Buddhist.

Table of Contents:
Basic Tenets
Buddhist Temple
Compare and Contrast

From the Paper:

"The beginning and the end of the Eightfold Path is the right view, because it starts and ends with an understanding of the Four Noble Truths. (Knierim, 2005). The right view consists of an awareness of suffering and of the fact that suffering can end. The second path on the Eightfold path is right intention, which involves an individual commitment to be free from ill will. (Wikipedia, 2005, "Noble Eightfold Path"). The third component is right speech, which means that one should only speak nurturing, worthy words and should abstain from false speech, slander, idle chatter, and harmful words. The fourth component is right action, which means that one must abstain from doing intentional harm, especially to sentient beings. (Wikipedia, 2005, "Noble Eightfold Path"). The fifth component is right livelihood, which means that one should earn one's living through means that are peaceful, non-harmful, and legal."

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