Breast Cancer and African-American Women Research Paper by hicaliber

Breast Cancer and African-American Women
This paper examines several issues concerning African-American women and breast cancer.
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This extensive paper examines a number of issues related to African-American women and breast cancer, with an emphasis on detection, treatment and survival. The paper gives a brief overview of cancer, the breast and types of breast cancers. The author then describes the purpose of this study, which was to determine the impact of racial disparity on breast cancer survival. The study also addresses socio-economic factors, such as lack of health insurance, and low incomes. The study attempts to identify the reasons why African-American women have a higher mortality rate than all other ethnic groups. Finally, the author questions whether education, community out-reach programs, resources would influence the probability of reducing breast cancer mortality rates among African-American women.

Introduction and Problem Background
The Breast
Development of the Breast
What is Cancer?
What is Breast Cancer?
Major Types of Breast Cancers
Risk Factors for developing Breast Cancer
Purpose of Study
Research Objectives
Definition of Terms
Scope of Study
Review of Related Literature
Historical and General Background
Possible Barriers to The African-American Women having Mammograms
Existing Studies
Another Study of Racial Disparities in Breast Carcinoma Survival Rates
Statistical Approach
Relevant Results and Significant Studies
Summary of the Literature Reviewed
Association Between Socio-economic Status and Breast Cancer Survival
Relationship between racial difference in treatment, and breast cancer mortality among the African-American women and the Caucasian-women
Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations

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