Bluetooth Technology: An Overview Research Paper

Bluetooth Technology: An Overview
This document covers the history, technical specifications, and comparable technologies relative to Bluetooth technology.
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An explanation of how Bluetooth technology works and its impact on technological innovation. The paper looks at the invention of Bluetooth, as well as its various uses and applications for phones, computers, Internet, and more.

How It Works
Connection and Standby States
Uses in Business and Home
Cell Phones
Laptops and Desktop Networks
Bluetooth Already in Business
Corporate Support
PC Card
Microsoft and the OS
Cable and Wire LANS
Home RF

From the Paper:

"Today the breakthrough wireless technology that bares the same name has similar intentions as Harald Blatand once did. It aims to unify all electronic devices under a common standard for short-range wireless communication. Bluetooth has the backing of over 2,000 companies including Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, and Nokia. Theses companies have unified under the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) who claim to be, "working together to define and promote an open, royalty-free specification for seamless wireless connectivity and cable replacement for a wide variety of mobility-enhancing devices". The project has been gaining momentum and support since its beginnings but some critics are not sure whether it will have the positive impacts many of its backers and consumers are hoping for. In recent months competition has become tougher from companies like Apple and Lucent who hope to put out their own standard of short-range wireless data transmission."

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