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Bill Clinton
An examination of the leadership qualities of former US President, Bill Clinton.
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This paper explores Bill Clinton's life, presenting both a biographical sketch and further examining his personal leadership qualities. The author describes Clinton's early life, his family and education. Then the paper discusses Clinton's entry into politics. This includes his first gubernatorial election and defeat, and his re-election four years later.The author acknowledges Clinton's perseverance and persistence, and his capacity to learn from his mistakes. The paper also discusses Clinton's negative character traits citing his involvement in a number of sex scandals. The author concludes that despite Clinton's indiscretions, he was among the most popular US president's of the 20th century.

Early Life
Entering Politics: Baptism of Fire
Perseverance in Defeat
Political Leadership at the State Level
Risk Taking
"It's the Economy, Stupid"
Positioning Himself as the New Democrat
Brilliant Intellect
Great Communicator/ Listener
The Negatives

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