Between Competitors and the Competition Research Paper by JeremyStuart

Between Competitors and the Competition
A research paper on competition within the free market.
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Published on Oct 26, 2011 in Business (Law)

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This paper looks at the whole of competition with the free market economy and the role competitors play in the process. While looking at the notion of competitors , the paper discusses the effect competition can have consumers. Looking at various trade acts that help to control competition from misleading consumers, the paper further discusses the various forms of competition that companies may use, such as predatory competition and head-to-head competition. The paper concludes that rules and regulations of market competition should be loose and flexible to accommodate the constant changes in society.

Definition of Competition and Competitor
History of Competitors and Competition
Manufacturing Competition
Competing for Sales
Competition Models
Competition Policies Protect the Competition not the Competitors
Case study: The High Court's reasons in ACCC v Boral [2003] 215 CLR 374

From the Paper:

"Competition has been defined differently by different scholars and this depends entirely on its history. Competition exists not only in business but also between individuals, groups, animals, nations etc. It is a contest between different entities for either territory, a niche or resources. Competition exists or rather arises when two different bodies or entities strive to achieve objectives or goals which both of them cannot share (Hope 2000). Competition is a natural phenomenon between living organisms existing in the same environment. Any living organism strives to acquire the basic needs for its existence. For example, animals and human beings compete over water supplies, mates, shelter and mates among others. Competition often gives rise to deep rivalries especially among the human beings over the pursuit of wealth, prestige and fame. Business corporations are commonly associated with competition due to the fact that the very many business companies share same customers."

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