Barriers to Entrepreneurship and SME Growth Research Paper by Nicky

Barriers to Entrepreneurship and SME Growth
A research and analysis of Kosovo's economic status, and how entrepreneurship and SME development would help overcome current challenges.
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Published on Feb 24, 2011 in Business (International) , Economics (International) , Labor Studies (General)

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This paper focuses on Kosovo's extremely high unemployment rate, which was estimated at 43% in 2008. The paper explains that the political instability and violence in Kosovo triggered its phenomenal unemployment rate, and contributes to Kosovo's citizens routinely migrating out of their country for economic reasons. Due to the current economic crisis, the paper notes, approximately 37% of Kosovo's citizens, known as the poorest in Europe, live below the poverty line. The paper ultimately proves the hypothesis for this qualitative study - if entrepreneurs and SMEs overcome barriers and gain a financial foothold in Kosovo, then the survival and success of these economic entities will likely stimulate considerations of long-term investments by foreign direct investors, consequently moving Kosovo from a country in transition to an economically stable nation. This paper contains illustrative figures, charts, and graphs.

Study Background
Study Area
Research Questions
Significance of the Study
Dissertation Structure
Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Review of the Literature
Chapter III: Methodology
Kosovo's Transitional Status
Barriers Confronting Entrepreneurs and SMEs
Strategies to Strengthen Businesses
Future Economic Transitions
Method Used
Methods and Techniques
Chapter IV: Analysis
Kosovo's Transitional Status
Barriers Confronting Entrepreneurs and SMEs
Strategies to Strengthen Businesses
Future Economic Transitions
Chapter V: Discussion, Conclusions and Recommendations

From the Paper:

"Despite the high consumption-to-GDP ratio, the majority of Serbs and Albanians continued to live in poverty. Most Albanian and Serb inter-household consumption, as well as the inter-community variations in average consumption, however were explained by non-economic (and hence unobserved) household characteristics, which denotes serious implications for political rapprochement between the two communities. In the absence of specific policy targets for the UNMIK to utilize in a transparent manner to foster economic parity between the Serbs and Albanians, each of the two ethnic groups may refuse to subscribe to a lasting peace negotiation, citing unfair or unequal treatment. As outside forces are not able to effectively address the problem of between-group disparity, this consequently also reduces the credibility of any commitment from either group regarding a "fair" distribution of Kosovo's resources.Bhaumik (2007) reports that the current political strife in Kosovo involving the Serbs and Albanians [leading to Kosovo's transition state] can be traced back to 1948" (Artisien, as cited in Bhaumik 2007, p. 7). Kosovo, slightly larger than Delaware, part of the Balkan peninsula, located in Southeast Europe, between Serbia and Macedonia, encompasses 10,887 square kilometers. A 2007 survey estimates the population of Kosovo to total 2,126,708, with a labor force of approximately 832,000 (Kosovo 2008)."

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