Atkins Versus Weight Watchers Research Paper by squirel

Atkins Versus Weight Watchers
This paper compares and contrasts the Atkins and the Weight Watchers diets.
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In this article, the writer notes that obesity is a major problem in America today. Poor nutrition and exercise habits early in life often lead to obesity in adulthood. In this essay, the writer examines the causes of obesity and looks at solutions to the problem through the process of research and evaluation of two diets. There are many diets available today, however, two of the most popular and most effective diets are the Atkins Diet and Weight Watchers. Research shows which one of these two diets produces a long-lasting solution to the obesity problem. The amount of weight loss and the use of exercise in the process is addressed. Hopefully, by examining the causes of obesity and some of the popular suggestions by the experts in the area, a conclusion can be reached that will help people determine which diet is right for them. This paper includes color charts.

Description of the Problem
Causes of Obesity
Specific Diet Plans
Mechanics of Dieting
The Role of Exercise in Weight Loss
Scope of the Project
Significance of the Project
High-Protein Low-Carbohydrate Diets
The Science Behind Weight Loss
Possible Adverse Effects
Atkins or Weight Watchers?
Phases and Principles of the Atkins Diet
How to Do Lifetime Maintenance Correctly
Doing Lifetime Maintenance Perfectly
Weight Watchers Matters
The Whole Person Matters
The Weight Watchers Diet vs. a Typical Diet
What is Offered by Weight Watchers?
A Food Plan which you Can Follow
Why Choose the Flex Plan?
How Does the Flex Plan Point System Work?
Why Choose the Core Plan?
How does the Core Plan works?
Price of Weight Watchers
The Importance of a Supportive Environment
Exclusive Plan Resources
The Success Story
Customers Survey

From the Paper:

"The Turn around programs was introduced in August of 2004 which not only includes the Core food plans and the Flex point system but also is intended to help people with increasing an overall healthy life. This program includes in taking of healthy foods and also includes the 8 good Health strategies, member support and activity. It is throughout all the features of the whole program that customers not only reach the goal of losing weight but also make stable changes to bear lifetime management of weight.
"In United Kingdom, these plans are known as the Switch Program and the two plans are known as The Core plan and the Points plan. They basically match to the Core and Flex plan in America, apart from that in UK there is nothing as a 35 Flex point given per week in the Flex plan and in the Core Diet, the members in England get around 21 points a week outside of the Core diet plan."

Sample of Sources Used:

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