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Are Cases of Prostate Cancer in Men on the Rise in Canada?
An examination of the incidence and mortality rates of prostate cancer in Canadian men.
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Published on Aug 13, 2013 in Canadian Studies (Misc.) , Medical and Health (General)

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This paper reviews the statistics to analyze present trends in prostate cancer incidence and mortality, specifically, the increasing rate of prostate cancer diagnosis in Canadian men. The paper details available testing options- specifically the Prostate-Specific Antigen Test (PSA)- and their possible correlation to the rising number of prostate cancer incidences, and also looks at the treatments used to treat prostate cancer today. The paper finds that despite advances in the detection and treatment of prostate cancer, incidences of prostate cancer are on the rise, particularly for those males between the ages of 45-85 years of age. The paper notes that early detection and treatment is key in lowering mortality rates in patients.

Publications Used

From the Paper:

"Data on the incidence and mortality rates of prostate cancer was obtained from a Statistics Canada publication on cancer, and two surveys conducted on cancer and related to prostate cancer. Statistics Canada provides economic, social and census data on the Canadian population and is regulated by the federal government. It has also been particularly useful in pinpointing the leading causes of death in Canada for men and women and identifying the specific cancers which result in death, along with detailing the number of new and existing prostate cancer cases. Information was also collected from Cansim, which is a 'comprehensive socioeconomic database' that is regularly updated with the latest Canadian statistics and the Canadian Cancer Registry (CCR), and which provides information on new cancer cases, as well as existing cases and mortality rates. The studies were conducted between 2002 until 2006, and were obtained from patients between the ages 15 - 99 years nationwide; however, Quebec was excluded due to differences in recording information. Other information on detection tests, otherwise known as "PSA" testing and treatment options were acquired from a Statistics Canada Health Report and from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCH) -which is conducted by Statistics Canada- in order to 'provide regular and timely cross-sectional estimates of health determinants, health status and health system utilization for 136 health regions across the country'. Supplemental data was also retrieved from Encyclopedia Britannica, an online encyclopedic source."

Sample of Sources Used:

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