Antibodies aka Immunoglobulin Research Paper by professor71

Antibodies aka Immunoglobulin
Presents an overview of antibodies, also known as (aka) immunoglobulin, and the use of monoclonal antibodies as medical agents.
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This paper first relates the history of antibodies from the time of Behring and Kitasato, in 1890, who demonstrated that it is possible to neutralize a fatal dose of the diphtheria toxin, to Milstein and Kohler, in 1975, who produced in-vitro "custom-built" antibodies. The paper then differentiates between polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and explores the production of monoclonals. The paper concludes by investigating the use of monoclonal antibodies as immnosuppresents, angiogenesis inhibitors and anti-tumor agents and future developments. Two colored illustrations are included in the paper.

Table of Contents:
History of Antibodies
Types of Antibody, Their Structure and Effects
Difference between Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies
Production of Monoclonals
Uses of Monoclonal Antibodies
Immunosuppressive Agents
Angiogenesis Inhibitors
Anti-Tumor Agents
Top 10 Monoclonal Drugs
Future Uses of Monoclonal Antibodies

From the Paper:

"Another new technology, which will be used in the future, is antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology. ADCs are monoclonal antibodies, which carries potent, cell-killing drugs. Developed by Seattle Genetics, this technology uses antibodies attached to synthetic drugs by linker systems. These linker systems are designed in such a way that they remain stable while passing through the bloodstream, and once inside the target cells, release the required drug. As a result, nearby normal cells are spared and it thus, does not cause any unwanted toxic effects of chemotherapy."

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