Ancient Greece vs. Renaissance Art Research Paper

Ancient Greece vs. Renaissance Art
A comparison of the art of ancient Greece and the Renaissance.
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Published on Aug 06, 2014 in Art (History) , History (Greek and Roman) , History (General)

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"Art allows individuals to express themselves as well as leave a legacy. Throughout history, we have witnessed several cultures preserve their legacy and represent their feelings through art. Ancient Greece is one example of this. The artists from this era have preserved their legacy while simultaneously expressing themselves. Similarly, the artists from the renaissance have done the same. Research allows the cultures of Ancient Greece and the Renaissance to be compared.
"Ancient Greek art has a rich historical context. Multiple cultures have drawn inspiration from the art of Ancient Greece. Their influence stretches to as recent as the 19th century. Four periods separate the art of Ancient Greece. The periods are known as the Archaic, Classical, Geometric, and Hellenistic. Historical events such as the Persian Wars and the reign of Alexander the Great separate the periods of fine art. The periods of fine art are limited to the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods. (Pollitt and Seaver) During the time span of Ancient Greek art weapons began to be produced from iron, the first Olympic Games began, an alphabet was derived, and religion developed. (Pollitt and Seaver) As famine spread over Greece, Greeks began to migrate to areas such as Asia and Italy, taking their art with them.
"The historical context of Renaissance art resembles Greek influence. During the era, interest in the classical values and learning ethics of Greece was revived. Europe experienced political stability during the time period. Prosperity was also increasing across Europe. Technology, the printing press, new astrology systems, and the exploration of new continents were the backdrop of Renaissance art. (Paoletti) Philosophy and literature accompanied the art produced during the Renaissance. The origin of Renaissance art is traced to Italy in the 14th century. Artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael are masters of the craft, discovered during the peak of the era. (Hartt) Two primary periods of Renaissance art may be identified. The Early Renaissance took place from 1401 to 1490, while the High Renaissance took place from 1490 to 1527. (Paoletti)"

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