An Introduction to Stem Cells Research Paper by Dante885

An Introduction to Stem Cells
Presents a brief but thorough overview of the function, importance, and complexity of stem cells.
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Published on Mar 24, 2014 in Chemistry (Biochemistry) , Hot Topics (Stem Cell Research)

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This paper defines and summarizes the functions of stem cells as well as describes their many uses. The paper further explains the process of their development and touches upon the ethical issues that arrive from stem cell research. The paper concludes by listing a few additional and interesting facts about stem cells.

What are Stem Cells
Major Uses of Stem Cells
Some Facts

From the Paper:

"Stem cells have been a topic of great interest since the beginning of the 21st century. Nevertheless, even experts in the field are still far from understanding everything about their properties, origin, and potential uses. The complexity of the human body is at least equal to the complexity the outside world, and stem cells are responsible for both the structure of the body and its maintenance.
"What are Stem Cells?
"Most of the billions of cells contained in a human body are specialised, which means that they have lost the ability to perform more than one specific function. Skin, muscles, blood, bones and the nervous system are all made up of a great many populations of different kinds of cells, each with specialised functions. There is only one kind of cell that is not specialised in this same way, and which retains the ability to differentiate in replication, thereby producing other cell types. These cells are known as stem cells (Home - MED - Stem Cell Institute).
Stem cells exhibit characteristics that are not found in more specialised cells. By definition, stem cells are able to divide and replicate themselves perpetually."

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