America's Serial Killers Research Paper

America's Serial Killers
A discussion on the challenges in investigating serial killers.
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"What comes to mind when you think of: Jeffrey Dahmer, John Gacy, Gary Ridgway or Ted Bundy? Serial Killers perhaps? Although rare but very prevalent, America has been plagued with serial killers since the 1800's if not earlier. A Serial Killer is a person who kills several people of a usually particular type, over a period of time with varying intervals in between, apparently without motive except for sexual or sadistic gratification (Aggarwal, Bhullar & Sharma, 2010). Serial Killings used to be referred to as mass murders until the mid-1900's when FBI profiler Robert Ressler came up with the name "serial killer" to better define these special individuals.
"Now you have heard many stories, read the news and seen the movies about many of the notorious real life and fictional serial killers. But what do we really know about them? We know they must be sick individuals and that they kill a plethora of people and we don't care to find out why. We just know that they are crazy people. Is there really a legit, good reason to kill several people? Probably not to the majority of the sane population, but to these killers, there might be. To be able to catch these killers and get them off the street involves a very long and strenuous investigation.
"Serial murder is a phenomenon that poses many problems for investigators. With the multitude of factors that go into a serial murder, catching a serial killer can be difficult (Cooper, 2013). Even with how technologically advanced we are now in 2015, investigators still face many challenges. According to the research that the FBI put out in October 2014, these cases are challenging because "These cases involve multiple victims; the series may span days, months, or even years; they can involve several jurisdictions; the motive may not be easily discerned; offender behaviors may not be consistent among all the cases; and there may be no obvious relationship between the offender and the victims." Another difficulty investigators face is the lack of experience in dealing with these cases due to them being so rare. "

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