Alcoholism and Depression Research Paper

Alcoholism and Depression
An exploration of the comorbidity between alcoholism and depression.
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This paper discusses how it is virtually undisputed that there exist high rates of comorbidity between alcoholism and depression, and it is clear that because these disorders commonly co-occur, the relationship is complex and bidirectional. Through an exploration of the interaction between these two disorders, it examines the prevalence of the dual disorders, distinguishes between the physiological, genetic and psychological aspects of the co-occurrence, and then reviews effective treatment protocols.

From the Paper:

"The psychological aspects of the comorbidity of alcoholism and depression are more difficult to determine than the physiological etiology and genetic frequency. Although it may be a benefit in treatment that both disorders respond to certain anti-depressants, and that the biological aspects of the disorders are similar, the etiology of which disorder precedes the other is still unclear. It is also unclear as to why some individuals with a genetic predisposition to inherit one or both disorders do not. It is certainly apparent that vulnerability factors are many, and include genetics, social environment, life experiences and gender. In a study reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry (May 2001), researchers found that the likelihood of major depression was no higher for alcoholics than non-alcoholics (subjects were men and women), but that depressive disorder was significantly more common in alcoholics than non-alcoholics (Mental Health Weekly, 2001). These findings would seem to indicate, that alcoholism may be secondary to the depression disorder. "

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