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This paper examines the goals and motivations behind the Afghanistan based al-Qaeda terrorist organization.
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The paper delves into the origins of the pro-jihad, pan-Islamic Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. This paper discusses the ideology of the organization, while also profiling its leader, the man believed to be the mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attack, Osama bin Laden. The writer of this paper examines Iraq's direct involvement with Al-Qaeda and that of Islamic terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who heads the Iraqi branch of the organization. This paper explores the relationship between bin Laden and al-Zarqawi as well as the groups terrorist training camps which are located throughout in the middle east. This paper also discusses the strategies used by the U.S. and Britain in combating the increasing terror coming out of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the Paper:

"The leadership of both conjoined terrorist groups shows the national diversity of the leaders of terrorist organizations of the Muslim world, as Osama bin Laden is a Saudi, while a Jordanian leads the Iraqi group, as well as the different techniques open to the groups, from bombs to poisons, to engage in acts of mass terror. In terms of its current choice of activities, the United States military has attributed some of Iraq's bloodiest suicide bombings and some hostage beheadings to Tanzeem Qaedat Al Jihad Fee Bilad Al Rafidain. The military also believes that the group has long used Fallujah as its key base and continues to do so, despite United States control and the attempts to instate a new Iraqi government. The group now known as Tanzeem Qaedat Al Jihad Fee Bilad Al Rafidain has long used highly inflammatory ways of conveying its message and committing its acts of violence against innocent American civilians, most notably the beheading of a United States civilian."

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