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African-American Women and Drug Trafficking
This paper explores the relationship between African-American women and the selling of drugs.
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The paper discusses the observation that young African-American women have a higher proclivity to sell drugs than other races such as their young Caucasian counterparts. The paper examines studies that shows this relationship between at risk behaviors and young African-American women. The paper also looks at research that explores how early adolescence affects African-American women later in adulthood insofar as drug-related problems are concerned. The paper discusses a proposed study that will determine the degree to which poverty and economic related circumstances contribute to drug trafficking in a specific urban center among the young African-American female population.

II. Literature Review
III. Methodology

From the Paper:

"This research project is designed to identify the primary factors related to the high incidence rate of young African American women who commonly sell drugs or engage in drug trafficking activity in the nation's urban centers. The working hypothesis states that poverty and related economic factors directly impact the study populations' proclivity to engage in drug trafficking as an economic alternative. While this might seem criminally obvious, there are social and cultural implications related to the study outcomes which the criminal justice system must learn to accommodate for such as devising adequate drug treatment programs for repeat offenders that better assess and target the contributing behaviors (Laudet, Cleland, Magura, Vogel & Knight, 2004). "

Sample of Sources Used:

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