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Advancing Technology and Healthcare
This paper presents theories and methods for healthcare providers on how to adapt to the changes technology brings about in their organizations.
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This paper presents five models for adapting to the changes technology brings about in healthcare organizations. All models stress the need to create a common foundation of support for technological change, educate organizational members in how this change will impact their routines, and keep forums open for discussion so that members of the organization can discuss their feelings about the change and their concerns about the need for such change and the ways that it is being implemented. The author also stresses the inherent fear and stress that accompanies any change in an organization, especially one brought on by new technology.

Five Different Models or Theories of Change in Health Care
The Human Implications of Major Organizational Change: Critical Success Factors Describe the Human Implications of the Technological Changes Conclusion

From the Paper:

"Change is a way of life. (Dunning, 2001) Patients, providers, and adminstrators must all deal with the unavoidable presence of change in the way that healthcare is dispensed. Learning theories emphasize that learning a new, complex pattern of behavior, like changing from a sedentary to an active lifestyle for a patient can be difficult. Having to cope with the ways that new technology and treatment modify existing health care procedures for providers, and the ways that the structure of the healthcare bureaucracy makes it increasingly difficult to monitor without sophisticated technology for organizations and individuals can also be a challenge. Thus finding ways of learning to cope with change is an imperative for all involved in modern health care."

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