Adolescent Sleep Needs Research Paper by Champ

Adolescent Sleep Needs
A research study exploring school starting times at the secondary level and their impact.
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The paper explains that the circadian rhythms undergo changes and transitions during adolescence that cause the adolescent individual to require more sleep than previously. The paper shows how insufficient sleep is dangerous for the adolescent and others around them. The paper's research illustrates the difference an extra hour of sleep makes in the morning, making later starting times for schools of primary importance. The paper concludes that ample evidence exists to show that the problems associated with delaying school starting times will be well worth the effort in terms of outcomes for adolescent students.

Literature Review
Summary of Literature Reviewed

From the Paper:

"In the work entitled: "Sleepiness and the Health and Performance on Adolescent Students" it is stated that there is evidence that sleep deprivation in the adolescent individual is very common and that this is important because sleep deprivation has a great negative effect on the cognition, memory, learning and behavior of the adolescent. (Canadian Institute of Health Research Report, 2002) According to Dr. Daniel S. Lewin, pediatric psychologists and pediatric sleep specialist for the Children's National Medical Center in Washington D.C. the normal day for an individual is 24 hours however the adolescents normal day is 25 to 26 hours which means that adolescents are not ready to go to sleep until later than the average individual. (Lesinski, 2002)"

Sample of Sources Used:

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