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Adolescent Sexuality
An examination of the stage of late adolescence in girls and boys and how their perception of sexuality is formed.
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This paper discusses the different stages of adolescence. It specifically examines the period of late adolescence, when the adolescent's sexuality is emerging and being noticed by the individual adolescent and by others, too. The paper discusses late adolescence in girls and then in boys and looks at how their perceptions of sexuality are formed.

Table of Contents:
Late Adolescence and Girls
Adolescent Boys and Sexuality
Gender in Contemporary Society

From the Paper:

"The healthier the role models adolescents are provided with, the healthier their attitudes and perceptions about their sexuality and the roles of the opposite sex in relationship to their own sexuality will be. The first level of interaction with understanding the roles of women and men in society should be the parents. However, it has to be acknowledged that some parents, because of academic or religious or social reasons, are less inclined or equipped to provide that guidance and understanding to adolescents in a way that help them develop healthy perspectives. Because of the capital value that was discussed earlier in the both the advantages of properly educating adolescents in this regard, and the adverse impact on the capital values represented by failing to do that, the second line responsibility to the adolescent falls on the shoulders of public health agencies whose focus is on preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The third line of responsibility should be law enforcement, which is that branch of society that is responsible for dealing with the lack of response to the first two lines of responsibility."

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