A North American Monetary Union Research Paper by Guyprivado

A North American Monetary Union
An exploration of the idea of a monetary union in North America and its impact on the nations associated with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
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A single currency in NAFTA has been an issue that has become more frequent today in North America. In determining whether this is a good decision or not it is important to review the pros and cons of having a single currency. This paper analyzes what might be the impact if the nations of the North American Free Trade Agreement were to launch a monetary union policy. The paper also discusses the advantages and disadvantages for each nation and its impact on the economy. Graphs are provided where relevant.

From the Paper:

"Some of the Canadian politicians like Courchene and Harris have argued that if Canada creates a monetary union with the United States it would "reduce transaction costs, that is how much it costs to make a certain trade in terms of time. These costs are incurred because of border-related paperwork and the use of two currencies that fluctuate in value against each other. A monetary union would relieve companies of these costs, reduce the paperwork and offer a more stable macro-economic environment allowing for more accurate calculation of profit margins." According to the above statements and research it is apparent that a single currency would be beneficial to MNEs in NAFTA in many different ways especially in terms of financial costs."

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