Two Poems of Erotic Lesbianism Poem Review by scribbler

Two Poems of Erotic Lesbianism
Compares Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Christabel" and Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market", two poems in which lesbian sexuality is a major theme.
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This paper explains that Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Christabel" and Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market" are two erotic and sexual poems, illustrated in both imaginative and sensual language, employing Gothic symbolic images to impart views on female sexuality. Next, the author reviews each story, symbolism and moral including a quotation, demonstrating the way in which sexuality is used quite differently in each poem. The paper points out that Rossetti uses language and symbolism to tell her tale of temptation and sacrifice; whereas, Coleridge employs more Gothic elements of storytelling.

From the Paper:

"Goblin Market" is the story of two sisters - Laura and Lizzie - who go to Goblin Market and are there tempted by men who are trying to sell them delicious pieces of fruit. While Lizzie decides that she wants to return home, Laura cannot resist the delectable fruits and eats to her heart's content. When she returns home, she tells Lizzie she is going back to the market to get more, but when she gets there she can no longer hear the cries of the goblins. Laura refuses to eat and thus begins to age quickly. Laura goes to the market to get her sister fruit - an antidote she hopes, but when the Goblins learn that the fruit is not for her, they chide her and smear fruits - juice and pulp - on her. When Lizzie gets back to her sister, she says:
'Did you miss me?
Come and kiss me.
Never mind my bruises,
Hug me, kiss me, suck my juices
Squeezed from goblin fruits for you,
Goblin pulp and goblin dew.
Eat me, drink me, love me;
Laura, make much of me:
For your sake I have braved the glen
And had to do with goblin merchant men'."

Sample of Sources Used:

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