"The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay" Poem Review by Quality Writers

"The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay"
An examination of Charles Sangster's poem "The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay".
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The paper analyzes how Charles Sangster in "The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay" portrays the relationship of nineteenth century Canadians to the natural world. The paper examines Sangster's vivid rhetoric and shows how it captures the sublime aspects of the St Lawrence region. The paper also points out Sangster's determination to impress upon the reader the might and majesty of the area that reflected the fears and insecurities of a time wherein the natural world often seemed to be winning its battle against humanity.

From the Paper:

"In general, Sangster's poem discusses a journey from Lake Ontario down the St. Lawrence and up the Saguenay River to a location called Trinity Rock. The poem is 110 Spenserian stanzas in length and seems to emphasize the spiritual aspects of traveling through the stunning and unforgettable wilderness of nineteenth century Canada. For instance, when Sangster is called upon by the muses to describe the lightning that sometimes lights up the Canadian skies, he writes, "The finite man falls down to pray/For mercy at his Maker's feet/How vast art thou!/how minute he!/A human tissue which a breath/Can hurl from quickest life to death/An atom to immensity" (Sangster, lines 211-216)."

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