The Mystery of the Trojan War Poem Review

The Mystery of the Trojan War
A discussion on the uncertainty surrounding the Trojan war.
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Published on Aug 27, 2014 in English (General) , History (General) , Literature (General)

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"According to legend the Trojan War lasted 10 years and was fought sometime during 1100 BC between the Trojans and the Greeks. The poet Homer's telling of the Trojan War in his epic poem "Iliad" remains the basis for historical discoveries relating to the War. In Homer's "Iliad" he tells a story of war waged over the capture of Queen Helen of Sparta by the Trojan prince Paris. With the abduction of the Queen, the Greeks sent a thousand ships after the Trojans to get her back.
"The Greeks continued after the Trojans for years and the battle didn't end until the widely known story and event of the wooden horse took place. Unable to break past the walls of the city of Troy, the surrounding Greek army created a large wooden horse as a peace offering to the Trojans. Unaware to the Trojans, many Greek soldiers were hidden inside the large horse that leaped out after the city had accepted the gift and gone to sleep. The Greek soldiers were able to then open the gates, slaughter the Trojan inhibitors and put an end to the 10 year war.
"One of the widest reasons for disbelief of this war is the thought that so many ships would be sent out, and a war would last so long, over the kidnapping of a single woman. The reality of this is incomprehensible to many readers of the epic poem, and the lack of evidence behind it only helps disprove the theory. However, a professor at the University of Queensland, Trevor Bryce, tells us in his article "The Trojan War Is There Truth Behind the Legend?" that " fact our evidence shows that Bronze Age king could-and indeed sometimes did- go to war in response to the abduction from his kingdom of any of his subjects, let alone members of his own family" (Bryce, 2002)."

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