Poems on Basketball Poem Review

Poems on Basketball
A collection and analysis of poems on the basketball game.
# 153968 | 2,842 words | 0 sources | 2014
Published on Jul 30, 2014

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From the Paper:

"This poetry anthology is composed of poems which show how people perceive the game and the joy that there is in playing it. The reason behind me choosing this topic, "reflection of excellence" is simply because I like sports and specifically basketball, a sport in which a win represents excellence and hard work. Each and every individual have their own points of view describing the vision of the game in their minds. I prefer poems that give a description of the game which make me form images in my mind of how it is tactfully played moving from side to side in the playing field, dribbling and jumping to the point of making a score and winning. The poems provide expression of the author's feelings and emotions towards the topic. Through the author's choice of words a message is sent to the reader of the poem that basically entails the intended meaning of the poem (Strachan, Terry and Richard 45). In this case thinking about poetry in the twenty first century is worthwhile because it provides a reflection of the real life experiences that people go through in their day to day lives.
"At the time I began my research, I focused on a collection of poems on basketball written by prominent individuals such as Zach Fick. All the poems that I selected focus on basketball as a game, how it is played, the actions involved and the feelings and some of the prominent people and stars in the history of the game. The first poem I picked entitled "basketball" by Zach Fick gave a good starting point providing a outline of the basketball game and the process involved when playing the game and how one can embrace the game as an expert. Other poems that I found include "love is basketball" by Kaity Kenny, "chasing perfection" by Zach Fick, "brilliant basketball bouncers" by Lee Emmeett and "buzzer beater" by Zach Fick.
"I reorganized the poems following the content criteria starting from the one that describes basketball as a sport to the most inspiring one indicating the love for the sport and how one's life can be transformed through the sport. Due to the fact that it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the basketball sport and what it entails I put "Basketball" as the poem. It provides an expression of the feelings of the author about each step of the game. The poem that follows "love is basketball" and "chasing perfection" provides a view of the hard work of determination that is channeled into basketball giving room for one to develop a critical mind of how life is and the need to struggle and strive for excellence."

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