Idealism vs. Reality: "Barbie Doll" Poem Review

Idealism vs. Reality: "Barbie Doll"
An analysis of the idealisms seen within the personality of Barbie dolls that distort reality as presented in Margie Piercy's poem "Barbie Doll".
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Published on May 20, 2011 in Literature (Poetry) , English (Analysis) , Gender and Sexuality (General)

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This paper examines how in Margie Piercy's poem "The Barbie Doll" the author uses ironies to expose the society's role in a woman's self expectations and self confidence. In particular, the paper discusses how symbolisms for an idealistic world are present in this poem and how these symbolisms also reflect reality and the stereotypical images it transcends to young women.

From the Paper:

"The Barbie doll is made of plastic and rubber. A woman is made of flesh. The Barbie doll could be bought at the toy store for a certain price depending on the model. A woman has different models but she may never be priced. As long as the Barbie doll is in the store, it is confined inside a box. A woman, even if she has engagements, friends or lovers, could roam freely and do whatever she wants with life. Barbie cannot think for herself while the woman can. The woman has life. The Barbie doll does not have life. Pondering upon these differences, can one still say that the Barbie doll is the vision of perfection? Is the Barbie doll still more privileged than the average woman? A woman would kill herself just to be able to look like a Barbie doll. But does she realize that she could be more than just a pretty face? Life offers so many privileges so why settle for something superficial that wilts away once a person starts to age when the individual can develop one's God given talents and make it last for a lifetime. "

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