Flies and Doubts in Sharon Olds' "The Wedding Vow" Poem Review by ltn1dr

Flies and Doubts in Sharon Olds' "The Wedding Vow"
A review of of Sharon Olds' poem, "The Wedding Vow".
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Published on Aug 26, 2013 in Literature (Poetry)

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The paper outlines Sharon Olds' poem "The Wedding Vow" that is written from the prospective of a bride who is excited about starting her life with her fiance, but is also terrified of what the future may hold. The paper explains that her doubts are because of her parents' failed marriage and they are symbolized by the "flies" that are buzzing around. The paper concludes by pointing out that just like the flies, she brushes away her concerns by her ultimately positive outlook for her future.

From the Paper:

"In order to understand this poem, one must first analyze the poet's parents' marriage. She addresses this when she says, "I felt the silent, dry, crying ghost of my parents' marriage there, somewhere in the bright space."She sees the ghost of her parent's marriage present in the church, and she does not want that same result for her marriage. The poet contrasts the brightness of the church with the dark, dry, gloominess of the "death" of her parent's marriage. Her parents' failed marriage clearly traumatized her, and she does not want that fate for her children, either.
"The concept of death is introduced in the passage above, as marriage vows are usually only broken until death. Sharon Olds juxtaposes the concept of life and death - she mentions how her and her fiance "...now said publicly, gathered together, death." Out of everything being said during the wedding and the rehearsal, she deliberately chooses to select the word "death", as if that is the only thing she hears. She recognizes that ultimately her partner is "offering [her], no matter what, his life." The poet wants to share her fiance's life, and she does not want her marriage to die."

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