Women in the Civil War Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Women in the Civil War
A discussion on the important role of women in the Civil War effort.
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The paper asserts that women were just as instrumental in mounting a successful war as were the men. The paper describes how women supported the effort openly through aid societies, grassroots organizing, and through nursing efforts directed at saving lives and relieving suffering, while they also worked secretly as conveyors of sensitive information, and as disguised soldiers fighting alongside the men.

From the Paper:

"During the time of the Civil War, women were still politically impotent in the United States. A great deal of the groundwork for the suffrage movement was actually laid in the nineteenth century, and indeed the Civil War helped to bolster many of these activities by providing other causes to help draw attention to the wider issues women faced (ACW). As far as a political effect on the war however, women exerted it in the only limited way available to them--they formed aid societies, primarily to care for wounded or sick soldiers, but also to raise funds to support the war effort in both the North and the South, and to both procure and make clothing to keep soldiers warm (ACW).
"The primary role women are known for during the Civil War, however, is the direct care they provided to wounded soldiers in both the North and the South. Clara Barton, the founder of the Red Cross and one of the first true American nurses, is one figure that stands out prominently in this regard, but there are others who were also instrumental in effecting better care for the wounded."

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