Why Nature is Stronger than Nurture Persuasive Essay by scribbler

Why Nature is Stronger than Nurture
An argument that nature has the more potent and lasting effect on human development.
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Published on May 12, 2013 in Biology (Genetics) , Psychology (General)

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The paper discusses the nature vs. nurture arguments on the genetic and environmental influences on human development, and argues that nature provides the more comprehensive and lasting influence on development. The paper contends that nurture may allow external entities such as parents and significant others to modify some elements of personality, but the main core of an individual will remain untouched.

From the Paper:

"Nature refers to the influence of heredity and the accompanying traits that are passed on to an individual because of their genetic composition. The genetic composition of every individual is decided in a somewhat arbitrary manner based on who their parents are and on which sperm and ovum are fused together to form the individual. While there is some chance involved it is well documented that there are physical and psychological traits that are passed on from parent to child. Nature is responsible for our personalities and physical features. The challenge with the argument for nature is that it quickly becomes highly deterministic.
"Biological determinism refers to the belief that all the traits of an individual objectionable and acceptable are the result of their genes. It can also be considered an explanation for complex social phenomena that uses physical characteristics (Anderson & Taylor 2010 p. 265). This suggests that behavior is found in the genes so that the role of parenting is very limiting. People essentially come prewired for specific behaviors and there is little that can be done to make significant changes to the individual. Under these circumstances, the critical activity is therefore choosing the right person to have children with and in so doing a large percentage of the job associated with raising children would be accomplished."

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