Why Do They Hate Us? Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Why Do They Hate Us?
An in-depth exploration of the reasons behind Muslim extremists' hatred of American ideals and systems.
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The paper explores why Muslim extremists, terrorists, al-Qaeda, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan have such an intense hatred of American democratic ideals and systems. The paper explores the motivations for this hatred that range from resentment of U.S. policies in the Middle East, specifically Israel, the military occupation of the Arabian Peninsula and the U.S.' perceived aggression toward the people of Iraq in response to the 2003 invasion of that country. The paper therefore shows how the question "Why do they hate us?" can only be answered by exploring the true nature of America's role in the Middle East and how its policies and procedures affect millions of lives in very negative ways.

From the Paper:

"So, what happened to transform all of this admiration and respect for Western values and principles into the hatred that incited those nine Arab men to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on that dark day known as 9/11?. Throughout the Muslim world of today, there exist widespread bitterness, anger and resentment against the United States and other Western nations, even in those persons who deplore the recent attacks and condemn them as evil incarnate while holding much sympathy for the 3,000 victims. Thus, "this atmosphere is highly conducive to extremism, especially since terrorists know realize that such acts of utter brutality are possible to pull off with only the simplest of weapons," such as passenger jets, homemade bombs and plastic explosives (Armstrong, 45)."

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