Why Canada Deserves Principal Power Status Persuasive Essay by scribbler

Why Canada Deserves Principal Power Status
An argument that Canada deserves principal power status in the world on the basis of its achievements and its importance to the global power structure today.
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Published on Jun 06, 2013 in Canadian Studies (General)

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This paper outline the features of Canada that back the argument that Canada deserves principal power status in the world. The paper argues that this nation has one of the world's most robust economies both in terms of raw size and per capita strength, it is a leader in both fossil fuel and renewable energy production, it is a leader in human rights, and its culture of diversity, with hundreds of ethnic groups living in harmony, is a model for the globalized future. Furthermore, the paper discusses how Canada lacks historical baggage, allowing Canada to be innovative and creative in terms of dealing with the challenges of the modern world, and, it stands independent from its neighbors with respect to conflict, but when it does become engaged it has always been a leader. The paper argues that Canada's influence and successes outweigh its relatively small size, and Canada's status in the world should reflect that.

Historical Influence
The Voice of Reason
Economic Influence
Human Factors

From the Paper:

"Following Canada's independence in 1867, the country searched for a few decades for a national identity, but finally found one during World War One. Since that point, Canada has been able to carve out an identity as one of the strongest nations on the planet, one whose influence in all facets of human endeavor has transcended its relatively small population. The country's institutions were founded on the British model, and its role as one of the largest and strongest members of the Commonwealth helped it forge a stronger international identity during the latter years of the 19th century and the early 20th century. During World War One, the country was able to benefit both as a safe producer of goods for war-ravaged Europe and as one of the feature combatants, winning key battles such as Vimy Ridge, the Somme, Passchendaele and the key battle at Amiens that led directly to the end of the war (Veterans Affairs Canada, 2008).
"In the final years of the war, Canada began its legacy as a human rights leader by granting the right to vote to women, one of the first nations in the world to do so. The country played a pivotal role in World War Two as well, taking Juno Beach, one of the five Norman beaches on D-Day, and then subsequently liberating the Netherlands. After that point, Canada worked towards improving its human rights standards, became an economic leader and forged a stronger international identity on the world stage."

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