Voting Republican Persuasive Essay by cee-cee

Voting Republican
This paper discusses why voters should vote Republican in the next election.
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Published on Nov 30, 2008 in Political Science (Election and Campaigns)

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In this article, the writer notes that when President George W. Bush leaves office after the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections, he would be leaving behind a legacy to the American nation not only of his own but his father and the Republican Party's as well. The writer argues that, despite negative publicity, the legacy of the Bushes and the Republican Party served to strengthen the nation. The writer also maintains that it is a pity that we have a Democrat- run congress at present. But in a democracy such as ours, it is a good thing because having a Republican-sitting President and a Democrat-led congress serve as check-and-balance to each other. The writer argues that in the next election, we have to maintain this status quo. The writer concludes that it is important to elect a Republican to hold the highest seat of the land to maintain this check-and-balance so America will always be the America we all love and cherish - America, the good, the just and the free.

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