USA Policy toward Cuba Persuasive Essay by scribbler

Looks at the USA embargo policy against Cuba.
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This paper stresses that, regardless of the policies implemented or envisaged, the historical relations between the US and Cuba limit the possibilities of cooperation. The paper further details the USA trade embargo policy particularly as presented by the Republican and Democratic parties over the past decades. The paper argues that the embargo should be lifted or relaxed for many reasons especially the economic hardship that it has caused the people of Cuba.

From the Paper:

"One particular policy aimed at improving the relations between the two countries is related to the embargo imposed for more than fifty years on Cuba. The trade embargo is worldwide accepted as "a prohibition on exports to one or more countries." In terms of the US policy, it represented the limitation of trade with Cuba as a sanction against the Castro regime. More precisely, "For almost half a century, the U.S. government has tried to isolate Cuba economically in an effort to undermine the regime and deprive it of resources. Since 1960, Americans have been barred from trading with, investing in, or traveling to Cuba. The embargo had a national security rationale before 1991, when Castro served as the Soviet Union's proxy in the Western Hemisphere. But all that changed with the fall of Soviet communism." It is precisely the last sentence of the quote which makes the difference between the discussions that take place at the moment between the supporters of the embargo and the ones who oppose it. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to this policy.

"The ones who support the maintenance of the embargo, especially the Republicans, argue that the embargo is an effective tool for enabling the political message for Cuba to be sent across in the camp of the supporters of Fidel Castro."

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