U.S.-Led Human Rights Abuses in Colombia Persuasive Essay by Ambrat

U.S.-Led Human Rights Abuses in Colombia
A persuasive analysis of well-intentioned but destructive U.S. policies relating to Colombia, particularly concerning "the drug war."
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This paper seeks to outline the abuses occurring in Colombia, carried out both directly and indirectly through aid from the U.S., justified by our so-called "war on drugs." The paper explains that the U.S. drug policies implemented in the early part of the 20th century gave rise decades later to initiatives directed abroad designed to curtail drug production on the supply-side in a supposed effort to control and reduce U.S. domestic drug use and accessibility. The paper goes on to assert that these policies and initiatives appear to have done very little to reduce the number of drugs produced or brought into this country, but are directly responsible for damaged relations between the U.S. and foreign nations and have intensified impoverished conditions and social injustices among the peoples where these initiatives have been directed. The paper clarifies that Colombia is one such case where the U.S. has focused an enormous amount of attention on drug production over the last few decades, escalating those efforts to the point of violence since the 1990s. The paper concludes that heightened efforts are required on a widespread level to bring about enlightenment through better understanding to counter the currents bent on pervading and dominating the globe.


Background on the Issues / A History of U.S. Involvement in Colombia
Integration of chosen topic and chosen organization
Proposed Solution #1
Proposed Solution #2
Chosen Solution and Justification

From the Paper:

"There is also a good bit of controversy surrounding the varied results of the scientific testing of these formulations, with regulatory agency reviewers siding with Monsanto (the maker of Roundup, a variant of which is being used in the fumigation mixture in Colombia) in more cases than not, discrediting or ignoring the results of independent studies and dismissing the methodology used despite them being published in reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journals (Sherret, 2005, p. 158). In one section (Reproductive and Endocrinological Effects), the reviewers cite only two studies, both of which were undertaken by Monsanto researchers as the basis for their conclusion (Sherret, 2005, p. 158). This information is extremely disconcerting and lends credence to suspicions that corruption exists within the corporations manufacturing these products and the U.S. regulatory agencies created to ensure that products are actually safe for their intended use."

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