Toy Guns Persuasive Essay by Kimberly

Toy Guns
A discussion of the danger of toy guns, the effect they have on children, their involvement in crimes, cases of mistaken identity, and laws involving toy guns.
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This paper analyzes how toy guns are becoming a danger to society because of their similarities to real guns; some are so realistic that even police officers cannot tell the difference. It shows how many people, including children, die as a result of these cases of mistaken identity and how, by being allowed to play with toy guns, children get the impression that they are acceptable, which can lead to aggressive behavior and a careless attitude toward real weapons. It looks at how New York City lawmakers are seeking approval for a bill that would potentially ban the sale of toy guns altogether.

From the Paper:

"It is a parent's job to teach their children about gun safety. Kids learn just about everything from their parents, including their views on gun use. Allowing them to play with toy guns is sending them the message that toy guns are OK, when, in fact, they are not. Children may not even know that guns are dangerous because they are sold as toys. In addition to creating a generation largely unafraid of guns, "some studies have linked toy gun play with aggressive behavior, and some child health professionals counsel families to limit this type of activity" (Collins 1). Children are already confusing toy guns with real guns, leading to serious injury to both the child and others and when playing, they are in effect practicing to shoot a gun."

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